Dog fouling

DogAs many of you may be aware as one of your local parish councillors I headed a bag and flag clean-up campaign a little while ago and for a time there was a noticeable improvement as dog owners became acclimatised to the necessity of cleaning up after their dogs.
Unfortunately there is definitely a hardcore of irresponsible owners who have no intention of cleaning up after their dogs and show no respect for either the beautiful village we all share or the law.
On the latter point cleaning up after your dog is not optional, the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 applies. Details can be found here
But, rather than bash people with the law I think it would be in the community spirit if law abiding and responsible dog owners try and educate those who are letting us all down. If you see dog owners acting irresponsibly tell them or report them to one of your councillors and we will act.
At times I despair at some of the things I see; for instance a dog being walked by young children with no adult present; so who is going to clean up after the dog?
Let’s see if we can make a difference and let’s get a debate going as I’m sure there are plenty of you who like me are sick and tired of cleaning dog mess off our shoes or seeing the product of someone else’s laziness fermenting on the walkways.
Plaxtol is beautiful lets keep it so!

Mike Brewin

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