It’s Official – Plaxtol Really DOES have Talent!

Thank you to all who helped make ‘Plaxtol’s Got Talent’ such an enjoyable and wonderful community event on Saturday 10 October.  We were entertained with a myriad of talented performers, ranging from budding rock stars, tumbling gymnasts, dancing duos and dramatic doctors, not to mention brave soloists who sang and played their musical instruments for us.  And that was just the first half!

After an interval packed full of delicious homemade Bolognese and puds, the feast of entertainment continued with a delightfully radiant tap-dancing trio.  The hilarious Plaxtol Players then graced the stage as well as a stand-up poet, whose choice of poems was exquisite.   Two harmonious brothers treated us to more great sounds, and then The Plaxtol Singers brought the house down with their rendition of ‘The Laughing Policeman’: hats, batons and all.  Calm briefly resumed with a beautifully poignant piano and singing duet of ‘Songbird’, which was quickly and completely wiped away when The Village Idiots took to the stage in the final act, reminding us all what a great village we live in, in their own particular and very unique way!

We sang, we laughed, we maybe cried a few tears, we spent time with our friends and we made new friends.  AND we raised over £1700 for The Friends of Plaxtol Church and Plaxtol Playground Project.  THANK YOU to all who performed and to all who helped make it happen.

Sarah Stokes

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