You probably haven’t even noticed, but Central Govt. is currently proposing to introduce some huge changes to the planning system.  These, coupled with the ongoing housing crisis are going to impact on every single one of us.  The Green Belt seems far less secure than ever and there is even a move to allow developers to chose a commercial firm to process their planning applications  – albeit the actual decision should still rest with local authorities.  In addition, late April will see the publication of the ‘Call for Sites’ list with the full consultation arriving in November.

Against this background, TMBC have kindly agreed to provide one of their senior planners to address some of these issues at the public Annual Parish Meeting of Plaxtol Parish Council at 7.30pm on Monday 18th April 2016 in the Memorial Hall.

 TMBC planners have been very frank and open with the Parish Council about the challenges facing all of us and our speaker will be pleased to accept questions from the floor. The only exception would be disclosure of specific ‘Call for Sites’ details ahead of the publication date.

This is a unique opportunity to explore some really important planning issues in addition to the Parish Council’s annual account of its activities and future plans.

I look forward to welcoming you on the night and to sharing the traditional glass of wine before proceedings begin.

Patrick Thomas

Chair of Plaxtol Parish Council

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