Plaxtol Better Broadband Project

broadbandWe are part of the Plaxtol Broadband Users Group and are delighted to let you know that after years of suffering from poor and unreliable broadband speeds, Plaxtol is now part of a plan to receive ultrafast fibre optic broadband.

Having reached the threshold of properties some months ago now, Plaxtol is now part of the Gigaclear roll out. The precise timing is affected by how other parts of the roll out have progressed. After some initial teething problems in the west of the area to be covered, the Gigaclear planners are now liaising with our District Council over road closures.

Because the dig down School Lane must occur in the school holidays, this has had the effect of moving us up the sequence of villages. So the ball is definitely rolling. And so is the expansion of the project with areas such as Riding Lane and Ightham now coming within the scope of the Gigaclear Kent Network Build.

Anyone who has not signed up and would like to should visit  and register their interest.

For more information, contact or