Plaxtol Church



Rev. Dr. Peter Hayler, Rector of Shipbourne with Plaxtol, can be contacted at
The Rectory,
The Street,
Plaxtol TN15 0QG
(opposite the Papermakers’ Arms)

Tel: 01732 811081


Adrienne Brewin 01732 810361 or
Rodney Crouch 01732 810718 or

Carol Crossley on 810801 and the pastoral team would be grateful to hear of any sick parishoner needing a home visit or who would like Home Communion.

Click here to see plans for the renovation of our Church.

Church Services for Aug 2017
Weekdays: Morning Prayer is normally said in Plaxtol Church at 8.00am, Evening Prayer in Shipbourne Church at 4.30pm
Sundays: the main morning service at Plaxtol is at 11.00am (except 3rd Sundays)
During the re-ordering, services will be held in Plaxtol Memorial Hall instead of Plaxtol Church

Sunday 6th
8.00am Holy Communion in Plaxtol Memorial Hall
9.30am Parish Communion at Shipbourne
11.00am Family Service at Plaxtol Memorial Hall
12.00pm Short Communion at Plaxtol Memorial Hall

Sunday 13th
8.00am Holy Communion at Shipbourne
10.30am Unted Open-Air Praise on Shipbourne Green (near the Village Hall)

Sunday 20th
8.00am Holy Communion at Plaxtol Memorial Hall
9.30am Parish Communnion at Shipbourne
12.00pm Short Communion at Plaxtol Memorial Hall
No “Community@4” this month

Sunday 27th
8.00am Holy Communion at Shipbourne
9.30am Family Service at Shipbourne
11.00am Parish Communion at Plaxtol Memorial Hall

Click here to see the results of the Worship Review carried out 2013/2014.