PPC Minutes 2010

Meetings of Plaxtol Parish Council normally take place at 8pm on the first Monday of the month. Where this falls on a bank holiday an alternative date is arranged. Meetings take place in the Memorial Hall and the public and press are cordially invited to attend.

2010 Meeting minutes (in pdf format)

(If you cannot read these downloadable pdf files, you may need to install Adobe Reader, which is free of charge from this link. Click on the yellow ‘Download’ button when you reach the Adobe website).

Date of Meeting Agenda Minutes
January  Minutes January 2010
February  Minutes February 2010
March  Minutes March 2010
April Annual Parish Meeting Annual Parish Meeting
Monday 5 May: Minutes 5 May 2010
Monday 7 June Minutes 7 June 2010
Monday 5 July Minutes 5 July 2010
Monday 2 August Minutes 2 August 2010
Monday 6 September Minutes 6 September 2010
Monday 4 October Minutes 4 October 2010
Monday 1 November Minutes 1 November 2010
Monday 6 December Minutes 6 December 2010