Refuse collection delays w/c 24th October

Following a fire at North Farm Household Waste and Recycling site (tip) over the weekend, the facility remains closed to refuse collection vehicles. As a result, all of TMBC’s black bin waste is being diverted direct to the energy-from-waste plant at Allington for at least a week. This means that all refuse collections may be further delayed this week and possibly next. Although we currently expect each day’s scheduled collections to be completed, some are likely to take place later in the day than normal due to the increased travel time to Allington each time the vehicles have to be emptied. Green waste and recycling collections are not affected.

As this may not affect all collection rounds significantly, we would advise all residents to still have their bins out at 7am as usual. We have updated our website (, briefed Customer Service & Waste Admin staff, and put out updates via Twitter & Facebook. We will keep you updated during the course of this week if there are any further impacts on service provision.

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