Youth Group

Plaxtol_Youth_Group1-223x300Plaxtol Youth Group

The Youth Group is currently not operating. If you are interested in helping to organise this group please contact Carol Crossley at or 01732 810801.

The group was previously open to children aged between 10 – 15 years of age.  Meetings were held fortnightly during term time in the Memorial Hall until after half term in the summer term when meetings moved to the Spoute Recreation Ground, weather permitting. A timetable of activities included as much variety as possible. To date these activities have included:

Creative activities – cookery, pottery, art work, face masks, stage makeup, fashion design

Sporting activities – cricket, football, badminton, rounders, team games

Crazy fun –  very silly challenges ( such as peeling a banana with your feet race, or building a model out of spaghetti and marshmallows, ice a cake race etc.)

Social – lying around on bean bags and playing your own music

Fundraising – bring and buy sale, car wash, pantomime

Drama – a production, directed and produced by The Plaxtol Players was held each year

There was an annual subscription of £12.50 and a weekly charge of £1 for members, £2 for non members/guests.